About Richard E Thomas Hilton Head

1434120643_RICH-2 (2) Publicity ShotExperienced business executive Richard E. Thomas of Hilton Head, South Carolina, has helped shape corporate cultures through the use of inclusion and involvement systems, among other strategies, for over three decades. Emphasizing the mindset of innovation as a key cultural underpinning, Richard E. Thomas has played key roles in the definition of organization development strategies for many industry-leading companies. Most recently, he founded Hilton Head-headquartered Legacy Leadership, LLC, an alliance of professionals that focuses on developing responsive and change-ready leaders in the business world.

Richard E. Thomas started his business career as an international marketing coordinator for PepsiCo, moving on to become the director of franchise development and marketing for Canada Dry International’s Asia-Pacific division.

In the late 1970s, he became a sales planning executive for the then-start-up television company HBO and then became the first director of the company’s national account group. In the early 1980s, as HBO’s first VP of Human Resources, he was greatly responsible for shaping HBO’s high-performance climate through the development of innovative performance management systems in order to help blend the disparate orientations of the programming and operations divisions of the company into a cohesive culture. Additionally, he was the CEO and president of the Millennium Consulting Group, Inc., where he facilitated strategic change through the use of leadership behavior and performance management strategies for clients such as American Express, AT+T, Merrill Lynch, and Johnson and Johnson. He co-founded Battlefield Leadership in 2008 and pioneered the development of a new experiential consulting and training methodology using the sites and stories of great battles from the past as real-time “learning laboratories” for improving contemporary corporate leadership effectiveness.


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